Molokai Jewelry (since 2016) is a collection of handmade jewelry. The jewelry pieces are created by designer Tamara Aharon in Zurich. Minimalist, graphic and timeless are the purist jewelry pieces, which are each produced in small quantities.

Quality over quantity!

Molokai stands for jewelry that is made for eternity. True treasures that you don't want to take off again as soon as you wear them.

Just favorite pieces!

But Molokai jewelry should not only be favorite pieces. It is important to Tamara Aharon that her jewelry is fair and sustainable. What she does not make by her own hand is cast in Germany and Italy from recycled sterling silver or gold according to her molds.

Care is taken to ensure the highest precision and quality.

In her studio store in Zurich's Kreis 4, Tamara develops her designs.

"Being creative, creating something, putting my visions into form," says the designer, "that fulfills me a lot." From the initial idea of a design, to the website, to the branding, to the packaging and shipping of the finished jewelry, Molokai is a one-woman show.

Molokai is not just a job for Tamara, it's a life project, she puts her whole heart and soul into it.

Since June 2020, you can try on, admire and buy the bijous in Tamara's small Molokai store at Grüngasse 7. In the store you can also find other replicable products that perfectly complement the jewelry assortment.
"I love the personal customer contact and the beautiful encounters and stories which arise through Molokai. It touches me every time a love is sealed, for example, or a proposal is made with one of my rings."

(Molokai is the name of one of the main Hawaiian islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is also called The friendly Island).